You’re my son. You can’t get rid of me, and I can’t get rid of you. Okay?
Nothing would ever make me stop loving you. You’re my best man no matter what.

Anonymous asked: What is the original source of the picture of the actresses rehearsing for the Nurses Ball? And when was it posted? Thank you

No idea. My friend just DM’d me the pic on twitter and I thought it was cute so I edited it. Sorry.

Anonymous asked: are you the original runner of this blog? if so, then you said a while back that you started watching the show with your mom or other relative when you were little. and that you watched s&b and j&b back in the day, and initially enjoyed brenda with both guys.

Lol I mean I did watch with my mom for much longer but I never really understood soaps and the storylines until like 04/05. Idk it’s just been a long time that’s all I know. Like I remember bits of pieces of the s/ls in the 90s and early 00s. But I never watched s&b or j&b in the 90s, like in regular time, I watched through youtube clips. But yeah I’m the original blogger. And I do like Brenda with both, always have.

Listen… I don’t want to be overly dramatic here, but, uh… you know, when I heard the news over the radio, I nearly drove my car off into the lake.

Anonymous asked: huh? you never saw carson 1.0 with sarah's verison? i thought you said you've been watching since 97' or 98' when you were like 7 or 8?

Me? No. I started watching in ‘03. And not like fully like until 05/06 I guess. But I use to watch it after school bc GH use be on at 3 and over the years I just kind of picked it up. I was 7 in ‘97 so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to watch soaps at that age lol. But yeah I never saw Carson 1.0, but I saw some storylines in clips over the years but don’t remember much at all.

CARLY: That was when I realized how much you meant to me, Sonny, that it wasn’t something that I could control. I loved you. And it wasn’t until that exact moment when I saw you slipping away.
SONNY: Then I came back.
CARLY: You came back for me.

Rehearsing for the Nurse’s Ball!