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OTPs: Jason & Sam ღ Patrick & Robin

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Patrick: One question.
Sam: What’s that?
Patrick: You hustle me?
Sam: What do you think?

idontwannabeanyone95 asked:
Hi! Could you tell me how maxie and lucas are related? I don't remember. Thanks

Hi! If I remember correctly Lucas, is the adopted son of Bobbie Spencer & Tony Jones. Tony & Frisco were brothers, and Maxie/George are Frisco’s children so Lucas & Maxie are cousins (but not by blood).

I believe that’s their genealogy. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

Anonymous asked:
I thought the Sam/Patrick scenes yesterday were so cute but I'm so torn on whether or not I want them to hook up. Dangit I wish they didnt have to be so cute.

Haha I’m totally with you.

Honestly it’s all about the writing. Right now I’m just enjoying Sam/Patrick’s friendship/flirty thing they have going on. It makes sense for them to be connecting and bonding given how similar their journeys have been the last few years. And there is build up which is something we don’t see often under ‘Cartini’. If that’s all it was, I’d be more than happy.

I’m personally hesitant on them getting romantically involved, idk I’m pretty torn. But honestly it’s all about the writing so if it’s there I’d probably be on board with it. Them being romantically involved just makes the impact of Jason/Robin returning even greater and makes things incredibly soapy.

But for now it makes me happy seeing two of my favorites sharing scenes & storyline and being happy and smiling and goofing around. It’s been a while since that’s happened. They’ve both been through hell and back the last few years.

Patrick: Let’s have a game of pool.
Sam: Pool? I got to warn you — I’m kind of a decent shot.
Patrick: Ooh, “decent.” That sounds very impressive. You’re gonna have to prove it.
Sam: Oh, yeah? It’s on.