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Jason & Sam ღ Patrick & Robin

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“So… what would you say to a two-way?”
“I’d say this.”

If Franco is the man you want to be with, just tell me to go.
                                                     Sonny, I want you to stay.

Anonymous asked:
Haven't watched in a few months are Sonny and Carly getting back together?

I don’t know if they are actually going to get back together but whenever one of their lives implode (the way Sonny’s has the last few months) they usually give into temptation and have sex. But Sonny is being super extra in today’s scenes with his feelings idk what’s going on exactly but I can tell you I’m HERE FOR IT. I honestly never got the Sonny/Olivia thing…..

Happy Birthday, April! [2/2]

"You know, If there’s one thing I realized about this job is, uh, the minute you try and plan anything, Life just steps in. What I mean is why do people have kids?" "Because they love each other?" "And right now, I love you more than anything. Let’s do it, Lets go for it.