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ROGER HOWARTH (TODD MANNING) TO BE PUT ON CONTRACT!! how do you guys feel about that?

ROGER HOWARTH (TODD MANNING) TO BE PUT ON CONTRACT!! how do you guys feel about that?

  1. fookyeahconradveidt answered: Oh, not much…JUST GIVES ME A REASON TO LIVE. :D
  2. whosaysy2j9290 answered: That’s great new!!! Todd staying in GH!
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  4. nedskalantar answered: surprised…
  5. sleepingsango answered: SO HAPPY :3
  6. luluspencers answered: I love it!
  7. edgeofthedeep answered: no :( i dont want gh to be turned into oltl but he’s not as bad as starr being on imo
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  10. haveyoubeentimetraveling answered: Yay! More Todd :)
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  12. dymondgurl19 answered: That’s great news I effin’ love Roger Howarth!!!!
  13. palrice8 answered: Exciting!! Love him!
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  15. darkandtwistyrandomness said: Love it! Love him! I’d love to see him no matter what, but especially excited If his being on GH can help keep the show on the air.
  16. omniscientculture answered: SO EXCITED!!! I want Todd AND Blair to stay in Port Charles for good!
  17. theshyshark answered: YAY!!!
  18. fightingthedevilwithin answered: yay!
  19. allthesame-darkness answered: YES :D
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    what about kassie?!?!?! i really don’t know how i feel about it. where is todd going to fit into gh? is he just going to...
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    If I wanted to watch One Life To Live I would have when it was still on. They need to be off GH.
  22. vintagebowlegs answered: loving it!
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