Sad and devastated to see both of these iconic shows go at the same time. Really upsetting that they decided to take this route without even giving them a chance to stay afloat. Best of luck to all the talented cast & crew from both shows.

What do you think about the decision of ABC pulling All My Children & One Life To Live?

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  2. teinesamoadee answered: Move those shows their replacing with these soap operas on DIFFERENT CHANNELS. Or move the soaps back an hour if thats an hour is all. -_-
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  4. blackcoffeeandteardrops answered: It scares me because it makes me think that GH is close to follow. They need to wrap everything up w/the right ships together. Like now.
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  6. tyrion-dinklage answered: YES! I need Sole endgame too! They BETTER be one to have grand wedding and have hot babies! <33
  7. notbreakashaka answered: Sucks!
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    I’ve been watching OLTL for the past 15 years. I just don’t know how to process this. I’m not surprised but in shock. I...
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    sobbing right now. i can’t even fucking believe it!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. jadesthrwall answered: I hate it I want to march down to abc and give them a piece of my mind I’ve been watching for a year or two now and then theyngo ahead
  13. silverwolflc answered: this is horrible! and they are being replaced with weight-loss talk shows?! so stupid.
  14. captainclockwork answered: I can’t even believe they would do this. They’ll regret it when their ratings drop immensely and no one watches their talk show crap.
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    this is fucked up
  16. softballchick984 answered: Pretty stupid. A lot of people still watch it, but I guess it’s not enough to keep them on air. Soon there will be no more soap operas airing
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    YO I’m so sad I feel like crying right now. Like really crying why would they cancel AMC for a fucking food show and...
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    This is such a sad day for me. My mom and I both grew up on All My Children. I got into One Life to Live on my own. If...
  20. aroundthegrove answered: im so sad
  21. tracymosbys answered: :/ if they can easily pull them, they can easily pull GH! which makes me sad!
  22. you--make--me--brave answered: It’s totally random and unnecessary. Why are they even doing this? </3
  23. madisonjmont-go answered: YOUR KIDDING???? wait are they done forever??
  24. littlemisfitmatch answered: While I didn’t watch either show, it’s sad to see them go. I just hope they don’t pull GH and replace it with another horrible talk show. =(
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